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A Wellness Company

Transform beyond the limitations of your current reality.  VenSeremos offers you the tools necessary to transmute the limitations of the mind and embody the full potential of your purest expression-Mind, Body and Soul.  En luz y sombra, VenSeremos.

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why we do what we do...

VenSeremos, an inclusive environment for personal development and transformational breathwork. Clients can experience and learn powerful holistic modalities such as Trauma-informed Yoga, Somatic Movement, Breathwork, NLP, SEL, and Meditation to create the changes you need in life to become your soul-aligned Self.

At VenSeremos we seek to champion you along your personal-development journey with empathy and compassion, taking a stance of radical self-love and acceptance to deliver TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

We believe that it is through the integration of all parts of the Self, light and shadow, that lasting change happens.

For that reason: “En luz y sombra, VenSeremos.” - In light and shadow, VenSeremos

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