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Choose your Path

There are multiple paths to follow, choose the journey you'd like to explore. All programs offer profound healing and deep transformation through trauma-informed practices personally lead by Jenn Guerrero.
Schedule a call to choose which is best for you.

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This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to focus attention on what is most important, the here and now. The natural setting and serene atmosphere helped our guests escape the constant stimulation of modern life.


At VenSeremos we believe that every once in a while it’s good for everyone to not only disconnect from technology, but also from their autopilot status.  We take the holistic (whole-person) approach to the office setting and invite you to take a PAUSE in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Hosted at Grae Wellness Lounge in Union Square. 

Participants can expect to experience a powerful guided journey into their own psyche through deep, cyclical breathing which can evoke emotional releases and expressions. Through this, powerful healing will take place, allowing the participant to clear away the old and invite in the new.

Who is VenSeremos Breathwork for?

Anyone looking for:

- Releasing of trauma, stress or anxiety

- Clarity in life

- Nervous system regulation

- Stress management

- Personal transformation

The 2 hour journey includes:

- Opening-meditation and intentional space creation

- 1 hour guided Breathwork

- Integration Session

Become a Master Breathwork Facilitator. Learn the dynamics of facilitating profound healing journeys for others through the power of the Breath.  Levels 1, 2 and 3 available 2023

Offerings: Past Retreats
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