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Jenn Guerrero invites you to experience this unique guided VenSeremos Breathwork™ Journey at Grae Wellness Lounge. Showing up for the work is an energetic declaration, committing you to self-care in its most radical form- Self-Love.

VenSeremos Breathwork™ is an embodiment experience. It takes you out of your thinking mind and into your body’s electrical network. Whether you have been through high stress/traumatic events or not, this modality is a powerful tool. Everyday micro-stressors build up in our nervous system, and if we do not discharge this pressure from our body by expressing (ex-ing the pressure), then it can lead to de(pression) and su(ppression). Expression is our birthright, and it is the only way our bodies can complete the feedback loop of the experiences. VenSeremos Breathwork™ provides a safe container for full permission and expression so that the nervous system can work its way back to regulation and your authentic Self can come forth.

VenSeremos Breathwork™ employs circular connected breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional and physical release. All of these expressions are welcome. All of you is welcome during your session; no expression is right or wrong. Your body is simply moving it through you so that it may move out of you. Emotions = Energy in Motion. You are encouraged to find agency in your practice and your experience throughout.

Participants can expect to experience a powerful guided journey into their own psyche through deep, cyclical breathing which can evoke emotional releases and expressions. Through this, powerful healing will take place, allowing the participant to clear away the old and invite in the new.

Who is VenSeremos Breathwork for?

Anyone looking for:

- Releasing of trauma, stress or anxiety

- Clarity in life

- Nervous system regulation

- Stress management

- Personal transformation

The 2 hour journey includes:

- Opening-meditation and intentional space creation

- 1 hour guided Breathwork

- Integration Session

VenSeremos Breathwork Journey: Event
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