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Note to Self: An activity for Elevate & Evolve Participants

We are working in our first week to cultivate a deeply rooted sense of self-love which requires bold actions of devotion to our #1. This week in our practice of Self Love we write a love letter to our current Self acknowledging how amazing we are, right now.

This is about loving the You you are right now. As is. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

My love note to Me,


Woman! I cannot believe this is you! Who is this woman I am looking at? You look amazing! Your hair is to die for right now!! And that booty be poppin!! YES MA’AM! Please keep serving!!

Okay, now that we got the important part out of the way, JK!... HOLY HELL WOMAN!!

No wonder you’ve been off the radar for the past few months. You legit just built your own business. You’re not “starting” your business anymore, you’re RUNNING the damn thing! This world needs this! It is the greatest gift to witness how you have chosen to show up for yourself in creating the life you deserve, believing in yourself, and trusting that your voice, your story and your heart is valuable to the rest of the world. I am so grateful you have found the courage to speak up, and it is incredible to watch how you advocate for the women you work with. You truly have done the healing for yourself and have transmuted the energy that once created wounds to create potent, powerful medicine for women all over the globe. You’re world-wide now… and in less than 6 months!

Your strength and perseverance is inspiring to watch. Please never stop. This is only the beginning and you will achieve anything and everything you set your heart to.

I know you know that you’ve got this. The Universe has got your back my love. Your intentions are pure and fueled with genuine love for others, and for that reason Goddess is responding, supporting you and opening every door that will lead you to where you want to be.

You’ve learned the hard lessons, and now have the trust and faith that there is something beyond you that is answering your prayers.

Keep shining babe, please keep going, there’s so much waiting for you. And you deserve every bit of it.

Take some time to celebrate yourself and your achievements. Remember to have fun along the way, this is what it’s all about. Love the one you’re with and know that you can be vulnerable, you can be you, the angels, tus guias, tus ancestros, tu mama, te tienen.

Eres bondadosa y hermosa. Te adoro! Te admiro, y soy super orgullosa de ti bebe.



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