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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND FULLY YOUR AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS VENSEREMOS EVENT. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS TYPE OF BREATH WORK ENTAILS PROLONGED HYPERVENTILATION AND OTHER PHYSICALLY DEMANDING ACTIVITIES. IN CONSIDERATION FOR BEING PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS ACTIVITY, I AGREE AS FOLLOWS : 1. Assumption of Risk - I represent that I am physically sound and am not taking any medication or other substance, prescription or otherwise, which will interfere with my participation in this activity. I agree that I have had the opportunity to consult with my health care provider to insure my personal safety in the breath work. I freely and voluntarily choose to assume all risks associated with, or which may result from, participating in the VenSeremos. 2. Release of Liability - I agree, for myself and my heirs, to fully and forever discharge Jennifer Guerrero, VenSeremos and/or all of their agents, from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever whether known or unknown based upon any harm or injury caused by negligence or any other reason, on the account of, or in any way resulting from, or in any way connected with my participation in the VenSeremos Workshop. 3. Covenant Not to Sue - I agree, for myself and my heirs, to never sue or make any claim against, Jennifer Guerrero, VenSeremos and/or all of their agents, nor to initiate or assist in the prosecution of any claim for damages or any other cause of action which I or my heirs may have reason to believe resulted in harm or injury arising from my participation in the VenSeremos Workshops, Classes, or Private Sessions.I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE FULLY READ EACH OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH EACH PROVISION, AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE SAME BY BOOKING A SESSION, ATTENDING A WORKSHOP, OR PAYING FOR SERVICES.

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